Package Guidelines

Hi Guys, 
This is just some quick guidelines on how you should create packages now that we are testing the new system. As mentioned in the email we have received over 150 bookings within the last 2 weeks via Packages! Both clients and suppliers love it. We are only sending a small of quotes on behalf of the suppliers but plan to increase over the next few weeks/months. The end goal of Packages will mean clients can book your package from the catalogue.
Below are the different categories and examples of how we would expect the packages to be created. Also, a video link is below on how to create a package.
(All text in bold are examples of package titles)

For music, you will need to create a different package for each different size of the band you offer, for example - Solo Acoustic Guitarist and then another package for Duo, Motown Guitarist And Singer.

For catering, you will need to create different packages for each different menu you offer, for example - Smokey  BBQ Buffet and then another package for Juicy  Hog Roast.
You will also need to set your price to per person and if there is a minimum/maximum guest requirement enter that below the base price section

Photography and Videography
For photography and videography, you will need to create multiple packages for different photography packages you offer - Premium  Photography - Gold and then another package for Premium  Photography Silver
Then if these are available for different lengths of time, add this on the price page. 

For Photobooths you will need to create a package for each different type of photo booth you offer - Glam  Photo pod and then another for Retro  Photobooth 
You can then set the prices for different hours on the price page. 

Children's Entertainment
For Children's Entertainment, you can create packages for each type of entertainment you offer, for example - Wacky  Balloon Twister and then more packages for Fantastic  Face Painter 
Make sure to include how many people can be covered per hour and set the different length of time the package is available for on the price page. 

Marquee & Tent
For Marquee and Tent, you will need to create packages for each size Marquee/Tent you offer, for example - Party  Bell Tent - 8 Metre and then another for  Party  Bell Tent - 6 Metre
It is important to include how many people this can fit in the description and how long the price covers

For Comedians, you will have to create packages for each different set time you offer, for example - Stand Up Comedy and then another for Stand Up Comedy 

Dance Acts and Circus Entertainment
For Dance Acts and Circus Entertainment, it will be a matter of making a package for each style of performance you offer, for example - Belly Dance and then another package for Burlesque Dancer

Event staff

For Event Staff packages, you will need to create multiple packages for different amounts of staff, for example - Bar Staff x 1  and then another for Bar Staff x 2 

Then set the price for different amounts of hours on the price page. 

It is important to include all relevant information in the description of the package such as when you will turn up, how long set up takes and if you have any requirements. A video link is below to help you create a Package. Please, follow the link below, view our video and create as many packages as possible in the "packages" section of your dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding your Packages or think your packages are ready to be published, email