Where Can I Upload My T&C's & What Should I Add?

Your terms and conditions under your billing section are personal to your service. Terms should be added to the system to ensure you have coverage and leverage if needed. Here when a client books they agree to both Poptop's and your terms. 

We get asked what can be added to your terms and conditions, this is your decision, some examples of this are listed below.

Payments schedule - Acknowledgement of when the remaining payment is due, and how this is to be paid to yourself. Remember all remaining payment is paid directly to yourself and not through Poptop unless you set the deposit as the full amount quoted.

Cost of service - Reference how much the overall cost was i.e ‘quoted price is the finalised cost for the event, this is subject to variance depending on the quotation and client’. On Poptop the quoted price is the finalised price including VAT and travel. 

Clients responsibilities - Be clear on any responsibilities you require from a client; this could include changing rooms, venues and whether you require specific access to facilities.

Your responsibility - It is your responsibility to perform for the agreed quoted price and details unless you agree with the client on specific alterations. Here you should state your responsibilities in your conditions. 

Rights to cancel - All your cancellations scenarios and terms should be added; for instance what happens when you or the client cancels. 

Other areas you can include within your terms and conditions could be weather conditions, alterations, GDPR, service description and late payment penalties.

If you already have this you can copy and paste across or state “see email/website for these terms and conditions”