Health & Safety

Poptop Health & Safety

  • Our Health & Safety program has been designed with the help of industry experts and top suppliers throughout the UK from each specific category. 
  • Our program has also been designed based upon the official government advice and the latest advice from the World Health Organization. 
  • Suppliers can sign up to our program and inform clients they can be confident in booking their services for future events. 
  • Our objective is to give our suppliers advice on what steps they should take before, during and after each event. 
  • There will also be recommendations on the cleaning supplies, cleaning tips and how you should now communicate with potential clients.

 By signing up to the program you are committing to:

📍 Increasing & improving direct communication with all your future clients

📍 Adhering to all the cleanliness guidelines we have outlined for your specific category

📍 Overseeing the safety of clients and your employees at all future events

📍 Working together and getting the events industry back on track