What is the Client Service Fee?

When clients make a booking through Poptop, we include a modest service fee to the overall booking price. This fee helps us to run our platform, provide customer service support, carry out Trust & Safety measures, and create a better user experience for suppliers and clients in the future. 

The service fee is inclusive of VAT and is paid at the same time as the deposit payment. 

How much is the Client Service Fee?

The service fee is priced at 10% of the overall price of the quote, with a minimum charge of £9.00 and a maximum charge of £49.00. 

Why have you introduced the Client Service Fee?

Our platform connects clients with a wide range of extraordinary suppliers right across the UK. As Poptop grows, the service fee allows us to maintain the high level of support and service our clients and suppliers have come to expect from us. 

It means we can offer robust protection to our clients through Trust & Safety measures, building client trust in Poptop and our suppliers. We can continue to offer end-to-end support to everyone using our platform, even as our business grows. We can bolster our ad campaign coverage, increasing our supplier exposure through national ad campaigns. And moving forward, it gives us the opportunity to build a better Poptop for our suppliers and drive even more clients to our platform. 

Is the Client Service Fee deducted from the remaining balance owed to me? (ie am I making less money?)

No, your fee is in no way affected. The Client Service Fee is a completely separate charge from the quoted service price. For example, if the total price of your booking is £400.00, with a 20% deposit of £80.00, the client service fee would be £40.00, and the remaining balance payable to you by the client would be £320.00. 

Why can’t I see the Client Service Fee on my booking page on Poptop?

The service fee is only charged to the client and has no effect on your fee. Right now, we only display that in the client’s payment breakdown, but we’re planning on including it in suppliers' breakdowns in the coming weeks. You can see an example of a client’s price breakdown below.

What do I say to a client who thinks the service fee is included in the deposit payment?

We’ve worked hard on our service fee messaging to eliminate any potential confusion, so this shouldn’t happen very often. However, from time to time a client may incorrectly assume that the service fee is included within the deposit payment and query the remaining balance.

Initially, we’d recommend replying to the client yourself, and politely reminding them that the initial payment consists of the deposit and the service fee. You can explain that the service fee is a separate charge paid to Poptop that helps us to run our platform. 

If the client still isn’t satisfied with your response and would like further clarification, you can direct them towards our support team at hello@poptop.uk.com, and we’ll happily pick it up from there. 

Is the Client Service Fee refundable in the case of a cancellation?

If a client decides to cancel your booking, then the Service Fee is non-refundable.

If you decide to cancel the booking, then the Service Fee is refunded to the client.

If you have any further questions regarding Poptop's Client Service Fee, feel free to send us a message at hello@poptop.uk.com.