Super Supplier

What is a Super Supplier?

Super Suppliers embody the very best of the events industry. This program is our opportunity to celebrate and showcase the finest suppliers on Poptop – suppliers for whom 5-star service is simply second nature. 

What Do Super Suppliers Get?

We’ll be rewarding our Super Suppliers with a couple of simple, but totally game-changing benefits.

1. Super Suppliers will get this badge displayed front and centre on their services. Clients can be assured that when they click ‘book’ on that service, a Super Supplier will immediately confirm the booking, remain in contact all the way up to the event date, and provide a mind-blowing service on the day. 

2. We’ll know that we can trust our Super Suppliers to deliver, every step of the way. So Super Suppliers get the #1 position in their respective search listings.

How To Become A Super Supplier?

Super Supplier status is achieved by maintaining consistently high standards of service on Poptop. We’ll review your data every three months. To become a Super Supplier, you’ll need to hit the following benchmarks.

‘Booking Commitment

Confirming bookings is key to success on Poptop. We expect Super Suppliers to keep cancellations to a minimum by confirming at least 85% of the bookings they get through Poptop in a 3 month period. 

‘Responsive to Clients’

Suppliers who respond to client messages quickly and positively get more bookings and better reviews. You’ll need a message response rate of at least 80%.

‘Great Reviews’

Go above and beyond for your clients at their event, and then remind them to leave you a Poptop review afterward! We’re looking for an average of 4.5 stars or above. 

‘Event Experience’

To get bookings on Poptop, your services need to look their absolute best. Take a little time to look at the list of Super Suppliers below, and see how they match up against your own listings. If you need some help, we can help you to improve your service listings! Get in touch with Abi – our service listings expert – and get a consultation booked in. Email her at

‘Calendar Sync’

Synching your online diary with our calendar is – hands down – the easiest way to maintain high booking confirmation rates. Need help synching? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it step by step. 

How will I know if I become a Super Supplier?

We’ll email all our suppliers every 3 months and let you know whether you’ve achieved Super Supplier status, or not. If you don’t quite make it, we’ll let you know how close you are and what you can do to achieve it in the future.