How long does it take for a clients deposit, to reach my bank account?

Once a client books you for the required date, and pays the deposit, you will need to "confirm the booking" on the messaging thread.

If you have your bank details already added, the transaction will start instantly. If not, you will need to add your bank details to confirm the booking. We will ask you for a password to add your bank details. This is the same as your login password. If we need a new password created, please, contact

As soon as you confirm booking via Poptop following a deposit payment from a client the deposit payout is scheduled. The deposit payment transaction is processed by Stripe - the leader in online payment solutions.

The payout will be made to the specified UK bank account and processed automatically. The payout usually takes of average 7 - 10 workdays due to anti-fraud & security checks performed by Stripe for debit/credit card payments. Once we receive the payment from Stripe, the payout should appear at the specified bank account within 2 hours.
You can check the expected date it will be in your bank account, by following the link and checking your billing section
If your expected payment date falls on a Saturday or Sunday please be aware that this may be delayed to the Monday