The Poptop Payment Process and How Our Deposits Work

Okay so we've made a little 7 step guide on how our process works; from the clients request all the way to the client leaving a review.

Step 1  - Client makes a direct request or a Poptop Concierge sends a recommendation.

Step 2 -  A package is automatically sent if it matches the client request, alternatively, a supplier sends back their manual quote (or declines if unavailable). Once a supplier enters a quote the deposit which is generated is our fee of 12% including VAT, the deposit can be changed to a higher figure to include your own deposit.

Step 3 - Pending booking is created, a client will have 21 days to pay a deposit before the status is reverted to quote submitted. The client will get frequent reminders here to pay and get in contact with yourself, however, we suggest you get in contact with the client to secure a deposit and the booking. 

Step 4 - Booking is confirmed by the client and the supplier or cancelled if the event can not go ahead. You can sync your calendar to help block unavailable dates.

Step 5 - Booking deposit is made via Poptop to secure the booking (this is 12% including VAT) of the quote sent by the supplier. So if the quote was £150 the minimum deposit would be 12% which is £18 which would be kept for Poptop. (This fee is deducted from the overall quoted price)

Step 6 - Once the deposit is made the supplier and client will come to an agreement on when the remaining fee will be paid directly to the supplier from the client, this should have been discussed prior.

Step 7 - Payment made between supplier and client. The event goes ahead as planned.  The supplier asks a client to leave a certified review on the Poptop website to generate more bookings. Here Poptop will also send an email to the client 3 days after the event regarding the client leaving a review and how they would do this.

If you do have any further questions contact